Our Mission

Reaching as many people as fast as possible to turn the tide on water stress and climate change.

Making an impact – today

Simple solutions – small changes

The question is how. We do not think great changes come through revolution. Great, big, complex solutions take time to develop, test and implement before they will have impact. It is time we do not have. We believe great change comes through many small changes, made by many people. Climate change and water stress are not single solution problems. They are not problems that will be solved by one great solution. We will need thousands, if not millions, of solutions to create a change.

Our philosophy – people first

Everyone wants change. No one wants to change. Because change is difficult. Behaviors and opinions are set at age 23. Also, we have chosen the things we have because we like them. Creating sustainable products that looks, feels or perform worse than what we are used to, just does not work. We believe that people come before technology. Products need to be used by people to make an impact. That is why we develop our technologies according to people’s lives, needs and desires first. That is why our products always have a premium design (award winning actually), full functionality, great experience AND world leading sustainability.

What we do

Altered develops super simple retrofit solutions, so anyone can upgrade their existing product in less than a minute. Extending product life. Reshaping the flow of water. Enabling savings without changing behavior. And not least – possible to install in the majority of the +9 billion taps and showers already on market today.

It makes a difference

20% of household water use is through taps and 20% is through showers. In hotels 30% of water use is in hotel rooms. Each office employee use 6000 liters of water in bathroom taps every year. By creating super simple solutions, that anyone can install, we can reach as many people as possible as fast as possible. According to WWF, installing 1 billion units of Altered products would save 9362 Billion liters of water and 160 million tons of CO2 per year. Together we can make a difference.